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Laser body Slimming

Laser body Slimming

Lasers can help melt fat and slim into a NEW ATTRACTIVE YOU.

As we age, it becomes more difficult to lose the fat in certain areas of the body. In fact, you could workout, eat right, etc. and those fat pockets will stubbornly stick around. This can frustrate anyone, and leave you wondering if the dieting and exercise is worth the effort.

So what if you could target and eliminate those problem areas that exercise and diet won’t? You may even thing that liposuction is the answer. But there is a new alternative growing in popularity due to its fantastic results.

This alternative is called laser body contouring. and you won’t believe how easy the procedure is!

Enigma Medi Spa currently offers Laser Body Contouring to help you get the type of body you want. If you are having difficulty losing the fat from your abdomen or even your thighs, this revolutionary method really works. Our treatment combines our Slim Laser Body Contouring System with Non-Invasive Laser Acupuncture.

Slim Laser Body Contouring is state of the art laser body contouring and cellulite reduction system. You can realistically lose inches and sculpt your body without any needles, pain or recovery time. Far safer and a more affordable alternative to liposuction, this treatment has all the advantages that a non-surgical procedure can give you.

If you can have similar results, do you really want to have pain, incisions, anesthesia and a significant amount of recovery time?

Enjoy the benefits of effectively melting away stubborn fat and have a much smoother look by getting rid of that cellulite.

What does this procedure involve and how does it work?

A laser body contour treatment involves pads positioned strategically over specific problem areas. the laser is used to liquefy fat in these areas, making it easy for the body to not only remove the fat, but also fat cells. and because it is non-invasive, you are able to get back to your life without any recovery time, as compared to liposuction.

What is the unique addition that makes the procedure more effective?

We also apply laser acupuncture as an additional technique to the treatment that stimulates natural pleasure hormonal production. this type of laser therapy focuses on certain points on the body and helps you curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism as well as decreasing nervousness that can lead to stress eating or binging.

the non-invasive slim laser system treats local fat reduction for effective body contouring. many clients who have this treatment performed see measurable results following the first or even the second treatment.

a full treatment schedule is necessary to get the maximum desired results, and consists of two sessions a week for six weeks with each session lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Additional tips for maximizing the effectiveness.

If you want to obtain the best results from your treatment, it’s suggested that you follow each laser body contouring session with 10-15 minutes of some type of cardio exercise. which mean stepping into ouf state of the art body sculpting medi fitness slim station – laser bike system at our modern facility.

slim station – laser bike system combines an electro bike with infra red (ir) heat therapy and a powerful led bio light stimulator. this system was designed for the express purpose of quickly metabolizing the melted fat from the laser therapy more easily.

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